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How to Defeat Doubt

June 20, 2022

by Terrie Ellington

Doubt is the opposite of Faith. Doubt shows itself in various forms: disbelief, mistrust, fear, uncertainty, and disobedience. All of which call into question the truth of the gospel and your faith.

Got Doubt?

It is inevitable that at various points in your life doubt will come. Doubt often visits during times of peril: sickness, pain, fear, job loss, divorce, quarantine, isolation, loneliness, social injustices, world shut downs, church shut downs, wars and rumors of wars, etc.

You can sense doubt’s presence lurking in your heart and mind as it permeates your thoughts with fear and dread. When doubt comes for a visit, all it wants to talk about is how bad things are and how upset you should be. Doubt, an imp of satan, uses the same tactics the father of lies uses to kill, steal, and destroy your hope in God.

During its visit, if doubt is allowed free reign in the territory of your mind, it will keep you focused on how bad things are and keep you from looking up to the hills where your help comes from. When you are blinded by the shadow of doubt, you can’t see where your help comes from.

Your help comes from The Lord.

Plain and simple, you defeat doubt by looking up.

Not looking up with your physical eyes where all you see is the ceiling inside or the sky outside, but looking up with your spiritual eyes, where you see the face of God.

It is then that you walk by faith, and not by sight.

After gazing into the face of God through prayer and meditating on His Word, you are empowered to look at any situation through the eyes of faith instead of cowering in fear in the shadow of doubt.

Find Faith Through The Word of God.

Faith is the opposite doubt. Faith shows itself in various forms: belief, trust, certainty, and obedience. All of which testify to the truth of the gospel and your faith.

Got Faith?

You gain faith in God by hearing the Word of God.

Doubt cannot stand against the professed Word of God. To profess is to declare something out loud. The amazing thing is that hearing the faith-producing Word of God doesn’t just come from the preacher, but it can and should come from “you” speaking the Word of God.

What you hear with your ears is recorded by your brain and with repeated exposure it becomes etched into your memory.

For example, when you listen to your favorite song over and over, you soon know the words by heart and can sing it anytime and anywhere with or without the song to accompany you.

Your brain works the same way when listening to the Word of God. When you hear the Word of God over and over, you soon know the Words by heart and can recite them anytime and anywhere with or without the Bible to accompany you. Amen!

However, the Word of God is far more beneficial to you than your favorite song in times of distress. You can exercise your faith in every situation by speaking the Word of God, and praying it back to Him. Then trust that God’s Word cannot return to Him void, but it must accomplish what He sent it to do: bring salvation, hope, guidance, direction, peace, comfort, strength, and wisdom. The Word of God empowers you to cast down those negative imaginations and capture your thoughts, making them obedient to Christ’s way of thinking.

There is power in the Word of God to kill doubt and squelch (forcefully silence or suppress) fear. The Word of God is quick and powerful to impact your spirit, soul, and body. Hallelujah!

Don’t allow doubt to cause you to fret. Every time doubt rears its ugly head throughout your situation, just speak the Word of God again as many times as necessary, and pray your way through!

Find FAITH Through Prayer.

Prayer ushers you into the very presence of God where you can invite Him, His power, His wisdom, and His peace into your situation. Who better to pour your heart out to than the One Who is Almighty – not hindered by earth realm circumstances, and not confined to earth realm time frames? Who or what can withstand God? No-one can and no-thing can!

Prayer refocuses your thoughts from the impossibility of your situation to the possibility of God over the situation. Remember that a situation that is daunting to you is easily managed by God.

Will you trust God with your situation today? Pour your heart out to Him. He’s able.