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Who Are We?

Saint Mark is a community of believers of Jesus Christ, doing life together. Everything that we do is centered around growing in learning, serving and giving to bring glory to God. We believe that God is the head of our church and sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins that we may be saved.

We believe that Jesus is calling us to go into our communities and the world, and lead others to Christ.

With only four members, Saint Mark Baptist Church was founded in 1892 in a nameless storehouse in downtown Little Rock. Through our obedience to God’s divine direction and guidance, Saint Mark has flourished and is impacting our community in awesome ways.

From our Growth Groups, where we build deeper relationships with one another and with God, and our learning opportunities in small group lessons about the Bible and improving financial management, to our food programs for the homeless, disaster relief assistance, and our partnerships with families empowering parents, Saint Mark uses biblical principles to help our families grow in every aspect of their lives.

We have grown to a ministry that includes nearly 9,000 members, two in-person Sunday services, one online Sunday service, an online Wednesday Bible study, a broadcast television ministry and a robust community outreach ministry.

We are excited to see what God has in store for the Saint Mark family and how he will continue to use us to impact our city and beyond.

Join us!