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Does your community feel neglected? Do your neighborhood schools need more resources? Do you want policies in place that improve communities that need it the most? Do more than talk about change. Get Fired Up to make the change you want to see a reality.

Saint Mark Baptist Church invites you to join us in getting “Fired Up To Make Change Happen.” Be a part of a movement and not just a moment.

We have made many strides, but there’s still work to be done in repairing our communities, fighting injustice, and ensuring equal economic opportunities for everyone.

Remember, you can only make change if you’re a part of it.

Here’s how you can Get Fired Up To Make Change Happen this election season:

Get Informed

First, Get Informed about this year’s candidates and the ballot issues that affect our community.

Get Involved

Then, Get Involved by checking your voter registration status, registering to vote and completing the 2020 Census.

Be Heard

Finally, vote to ensure you will Be Heard! This election season exercise your civic responsibilities and fuel the fires of change. Use your vote to speak for our community.


Your vote is your say in your future. Get fired up about it, and learn more about the policies and candidates asking for your vote. Visit their websites to learn about their stance on the issues that affect you. Most importantly, support and vote for a candidate that is fired up about issues that are important to you!

We’re here to help you get informed. We have included the resources you need to participate in this year’s elections. Make note of these important dates. Then use the links below to access valuable information about this year’s candidates, find your polling place, and restoration of voting rights for those previously convicted of a felony.


Important Dates




Get Informed About the Candidates

2020 National and State Elections

Our country needs strong leadership committed to honesty, equality, and the interests of all Americans. Cast an informed vote in the presidential election, state, county, and judicial elections where decisions are made that affect you and your community. Learn more about the candidates running to be your president and vice president, as well as candidates for other national and state seats!


2020 Municipal/Local Seat Elections

This election, you will be voting for more than just the president. You have the opportunity to explore candidates for many positions in the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senate and State House of Representatives that impact the laws and spending that affect our communities.

Explore the candidates running for local positions. They represent your vote and oversee policies that directly impact our city and communities.  

2020 Annual School Board Elections

Have a say in your child’s education. Vote for a candidate who is fired up about your children and who is committed to ensuring they receive a quality education.  

View state, county, and judicial candidates for your county here:

State CandidatesState CandidatesState CandidatesState Candidates
County CandidatesCounty CandidatesCounty CandidatesCounty Candidates
Judicial CandidatesJudicial Candidates
Municipal/Local CandidatesMunicipal/Local CandidatesMunicipal/Local CandidatesMunicipal/Local Candidates
School Board CandidatesSchool Board CandidatesSchool Board CandidatesSchool Board Candidates

2020 General Election Questions

For 2020 General Election questions from across the state, click here.

You can also access the 2020 Voter Guide to Ballot Issues, published by the University of Arkansas Public Policy Center here.

Get Informed About Restoring Your Right to Vote

If you have been convicted of a felony and you have served your time and satisfied the conditions of your probation/parole, you can vote in the upcoming election! Just supply documentation that all probations and fines are cleared when you submit your voter registration application.

Learn more about restoring your voting rights here!

General Voting Questions

If you reside in Pulaski County and have general questions about voting in this year’s election, visit
VotePulaski.net.  If you live elsewhere in the state, visit the Secretary of State’s site for election information.

You can also view your sample ballot here.


You can only make change if you’re a part of it. Do more than hope for it. Get Fired Up to make the change you want to see a reality—register to vote and complete the 2020 census. You have until October 5 to register to vote, and you can do it easily at your local county clerk’s office, DMV or public library.

Register to vote here!

Check Your Registration Status

Are you unsure of your voter status, or want to double-check your status and voter information before heading to the polls?  Visit the link below to check your voter registration status, confirm your address and view voting locations in your area.

Check your registration status here!

Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker

Elections are the cornerstone of our democratic system and Poll Workers are vital to the election process. Poll Workers are responsible for conducting elections in each Polling Place on Election Day. They ensure that the election is administered fairly and in accordance with Federal and Arkansas law. Applicants should be patient, helpful, courteous and considerate.

In order to be a poll worker in Arkansas, you must:

  • Be a qualified elector in Arkansas
  • Be able to read and write English
  • Be a resident of the precinct in which you serve
  • Not have been found or plead guilty to the violation of any election law in Arkansas
  • Not be a paid employee of any political party
  • Not be a paid employee of any person running for any office on the county's ballot
  • Not be a candidate for any office to be filled at an election while serving as a poll worker
  • Not be related or married to any candidate running for office in the current election
  • Complete the training

Apply to work the polls!

Pulaski County Online Poll Worker Application

Jefferson County | Shawndra Taggart, County Clerk | Phone: (870) 541-5322 | Email: staggart.jcclerk@yahoo.com

Faulkner County Poll Worker Information

Saline County | Doug Curtis, County Clerk | (501) 303-5630 | Email: Doug.Curtis@salinecounty.org

Complete the 2020 Census

Do you know that census data helps decide federal funding to support schools, hospitals and fire departments in your community?  If you want to see changes in your community like better schools and improved services, you need to get Fired Up. Represent your community by completing the 2020 Census. YOU HAVE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30 TO BE COUNTED! Each home received the census by mail. If you missed it, complete your census form online.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete!

Complete the 2020 Census here!


Why are you voting? Whether you’re voting for the future of those you love or for those whose legacy has impacted your life, prove that you’re Fired Up to make change happen! Be heard by casting your vote!  


Early Voting Begins - October 19

Beating the crowds at polling places is important this year as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. You can do this by voting early. Depending on the type of election being conducted, registered voters early vote during the 7 or 15 days prior to Election Day. Upon providing ID, you can

If you live in Pulaski County, find your early voting location here.

If you live outside of Pulaski County, find your early voting location here.

General Election - November 3

Find your nearest polling location here!

Don’t Forget Your ID!

You must show a photo ID to vote. Any photo ID is acceptable if it was issued by the United States, the State of Arkansas or an accredited post-secondary educational institution in Arkansas. The expiration date on the ID must not be more than four years before Election Day. If you do not show one of these forms of ID, you may vote using a Provisional Ballot.


Get Fired Up to Make Change Happen! Get out and vote! If you can’t get to the polls, your voice can still be heard. You can request an absentee ballot if you are a registered voter. To request an absentee ballot, you must meet certain criteria, like being unable to physically vote due to illness or have a physical disability or you’re an Arkansas resident temporarily living outside of the state, or perhaps you are concerned about the risk of COVID-19. No matter how you do it in person or absentee- be heard!

Follow these steps to vote absentee:

  • Call your county clerk and request an “absentee ballot request form” be sent to you OR simply download it here!
  • If you are voting absentee due to COVID-19, check off “I will be unavoidably absent from my polling location.”
  • On your application, decide to pick up your ballot at your county clerk’s office OR have the application mailed to you.
  • Include a copy of your government-issued identification: photo i.d. – DL or passport, bank statement, government check, paycheck, other government documents that clearly show your name/address. 
  • Submit your absentee ballot request form to the County Clerk’s Office via email, fax or through an agent. The last day to request an absentee ballot is October 27th. 

Deadlines for Submission of Application:

  • In Person: by close of business the day BEFORE the election
  • By Designated Bearer or Administrator: by close of business the day BEFORE the election
  • (Designated Bearer is anyone you choose to pick up or deliver your application or ballot)
  • By Mail or by Electronic Means: by 7 days before the election
  • By Authorized Agent: by 1:30 p.m. ON election day

The authorized agent must file with the County Clerk an affidavit from the administrative head of a hospital or nursing home located in this state verifying that the applicant is a patient of the hospital or long-term care or residential care facility licensed by the state and is thereby unable to vote on the election day at his or her regular polling site.

Find your County Clerk’s address and phone number here!

Absentee Ballot Deadline - October 27

Learn more about voting absentee here!