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Everyone Gathering means you don’t skip church!

There is value in coming and spending time together as a family of Christ! When we come together, we learn about the Case for Grace on Sundays and Wednesdays. We encourage one another. We cry with one another. We laugh with one another! We need each other on this journey called life!

Everyone Grouping …That means doing life together in LifeGroups!

You are a better Christian when you do life together in small groups with other believers. It was Jesus who gave us the perfect model to help lead unbelievers to Him. LifeGroups give us accountability, support, and encouragement with other believers. Click here to learn how to sign up. There you will find out how to join a LifeGroup or become a LifeGroup leader.

Everyone Giving! That’s Pushing God to the front of the line in your giving.

Sunday, October 7 is All Tithe Sunday and we need everyone bringing your tithe to worship. And then go above and beyond with your PUSH Offering for the rest of the year.

And Everyone Going! That’s sharing the Gospel in your everyday life!

All year long we have focused on Celebrating Grace and there’s still room for your PlusOne to be a part of the family of faith. We are all commanded to go and share the Good news of salvation with the world. You can share no matter how long you’ve been a part of the family of faith. Got questions on how to do that? You can find tips on how to share just Click Here.

Now, Here’s how you can check the strength of your connection!

Accept the challenge to go above and beyond as we all gather, group, give and go together!

This is a scoring system to check your 4G status.
0-1 points You are at 1G
2-3 points You are at 2G
4-5 points You are at 3G

Take a screen shot of your score and post it to social using #Going4G

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What is PlusOne?

Adding One to the Kingdom

Tell Us How You're Sharing

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You. Grow. Here.
At Saint Mark we believe you grow in learning, serving, and giving.
All year we have been learning more about how God has called each of us to Celebrate Grace by going out and communicating the Gospel.

God’s Word Says …
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], …”
[Matthew 28:19]

The next step in our evolution of growth is showing our commitment to Christ by bringing someone else to the faith. It’s what we are calling PlusOne – Communicating the Gospel

  • This pivotal moment in our ministry will arm you with the knowledge to share with the unsaved what you’ve learned about the Gospel.
  • It will challenge you to invite family, friends, and neighbors to grow with you in the knowledge of the Gospel.
  • And it will mobilize all of us to add one more to the body of Christ in the name of the Gospel.

Let’s all become fishers of men!

PlusOne Tips

Make the iCAP Commitment

Be Intentional

Know that you are called to share the Gospel as you go through your daily life. Go with the intent to get souls saved.

Acts 20:17-24 (ESV)

Be Courageous

God will empower you to share the Gospel when the time is right. Understand that you are not going in your own power, but the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5  (ESV)

Be Available

Open yourself up to be used by God to share the Gospel.

Isaiah 6:1-3  (ESV)

Be Prayerful

Pray about opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

Colossians 4:2-4  (ESV)

Share what you believe.

1. Everybody is guilty of sin.

2. God loved me so much He sent Jesus as a substitute for my sins.

3. Jesus carried my sins to the cross and died to set me free from sin.

4. Three days later, God raised Him from the dead conquering sin for good.

5. One day, Jesus is coming back again to take me to heaven.

Because I believe this, I know my soul is safe for eternity!

How do you start a conversation about the Gospel?

1. Start with building a relationship with that person. If its family or a friend you already a type of relationship, but if it is a stranger find some common ground for the conversation.

2. Ask probing questions without using the words saved and Jesus. You want to know what they believe without telling them what you want to hear.

“You know with all of the crazy things going on in the world, if you were to die today, would you go to heaven?”

If they say yes, ask why?

And if they respond with ANYTHING BESIDES A BELIEF IN JESUS—They don’t understand the gospel!
You have an opportunity to now share it!

If they say no, they wouldn’t go to heaven, you can still share the gospel!

When your PlusOne wants to know more.

1. Invite them to Steps to Growth class and contact Pastor Brodes to find out more.

2. Invite them to attend church with you and register them as your guest.

3. Continue to connect with them on their journey to accepting Christ.

Register Your Guest

Use our Guest Registration Form to let us know you are bringing someone to church so we can help you introduce them to Saint Mark.



MySaintMark is our online community of members. It will allow you to

  • Update your information with the church
  • Access Ministry Groups
  • Communicate with Ministry Leaders and Group Members
  • Access the Church Directory
  • Give Online and Access Giving History

Online registrations, access to general church forms, and our calendar are also available in this section of our website for your convenience.

Get Registered Today!

  1. Click on the register button.
  2. In the new window click sign-up.
  3. Enter your first and last name. Enter the email address that we most likely have on file. Create a password and re-enter it for confirmation. Then click Create an account.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.
  5. Once you have activated your account you can login and complete your profile.

Yes! It’s that easy!


Now that you have access to MySaintMark, you can update your profile. There are two ways you can get to your profile in order to update your information.

Update Your Profile From Your Home Page

To update your profile from your home page, simply click on the Your Profile option and you will be taken to your profile overview where you can view your current information or update your profile, privacy settings or change your email and/or password.

Remember, you have control over every item listed on your profile using your privacy settings. This is set by the individual and not by the church database.

Once you have entered your information, click Save Changes.

Update Your Profile from Your Account Drop-Down Box

You can also access the same account information by clicking on the Account option at the top of your screen at any time. This will take you to the same information and update options as the home page.

NOTE: Any changes you make to your Profile will affect the information that Saint Mark has on file for you.


As a member of a group, you have control over the information Ministry Group Leaders and other Ministry Group Members can view in your profile. There are a couple of ways to get to your privacy settings as shown in the image below.

To access Profile Privacy Settings do one of the following:

Click Account, then choose Privacy Settings.


Click Home and then choose Privacy Settings.

Make modifications to your privacy settings by dragging the green slider bars in each field to the left or right to select the user groups you want to have access to your private information. For example, in the Address field with the slider at Everyone, both Group Leaders and Group Members can see your full address.

Once you have finished editing your profile, click Save privacy settings.

Note: If you are a member of a ministry group, Group Leaders may view your information; however, your information will be hidden from the public and other ministry group members if you restrict your privacy settings.


To sign up for online giving click on Giving, and then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: If you already have an account, skip to Step 4. If you do not have a login, click Register.

Step 2: Enter your first and last name. Enter the email address that we most likely have on file. Create a password and re-enter it for confirmation. Then click Create an account.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. Find the email and click the link to continue.

Step 3: Fill in the form with the rest of your information. After completing the form click Save and create account. This will allow us to match your online account with your previously given contributions. If you do not see this form, then the system automatically matched your login info to your current record.

Depending on how you logged in you will see one of two screens. If you do not see the two green buttons below, click Your Giving.

Step 4: Choose to Give Now or Schedule Giving.

Give Now:
Select which fund you want to give to and the amount of your gift. Choose your giving method and enter the corresponding information. When completed, click Continue to go to the confirmation screen.

Scheduled Giving:
Select which fund you want to give to and the amount of your gift. Click Continue. Select how often you want the contribution to be given and when it should begin. Click Continue. Finally, choose your payment method and enter the corresponding information. Click Continue to go to the confirmation screen.

Step 5: Click Process the payment/schedule.

Congregational Care

Contact Forms

Funeral Notification Hospital Notification Stephen Minister Care Receiver Contact Form

Journeying Through Grief

Stephen Ministry

Personal Testimony

More information about the program – CLICK HERE
Download caregiver application – Stephen Minister Application


Pastor of Assimilation

We are now hiring for the position of Pastor of Assimilation (full-time).


Some of the qualifications for this position requires individual to be a licensed minister. The individual must enjoy people and will most likely have the spiritual gift of exhortation (encouragement and edifying others). It is preferred for the Pastor of Assimilation to have the gift of administration, since the role is one of overseeing personnel and processes. This person must possess the ability to work without close supervision; have the ability to communicate effectively; possess organizational skills; tech savvy, possess the skills to plan, implement and analyze; and be a person of warmth and compassion.

An Associate or Bachelor’s degree is preferred and/or equivalent experience in church leadership and administration.

We offer a competitive salary, benefits and a flexible schedule.

Extended Description available HERE.


Applicant requirements

To apply for the position please provide each of the following items in the same package. Only applications with the following items completed will be acknowledged and reviewed.

  • Cover letter introducing yourself including personal testimony of faith
  • Application with Resume
  • Doctrinal beliefs
  • Philosophy of Ministry Statement, including comments to the following 2 questions:
    • What is your single biggest passion and why is it important to you and the kingdom?
    • What is your preferred leadership style?
  • Preaching DVD or link

Please send the information listed above via one of the following methods:

  • Email DOC or PDF format to
  • Mail to: Attention HR Generalist, Saint Mark Baptist Church, 5722 West 12th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204.
  • Hand-deliver to Saint Mark Baptist Church Students & Youth Center (Atrium) 5722 West 12th Street Little Rock, AR 72204.

Applicant packets must be submitted by October 31, 2018, 4:30p.m.

SMBC Employment App

Saint Mark Baptist Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in its employment practices on the basis of race, sex, age, or national origin.

Trunk or Treat Sign Up

Click the image above to sign up to participate in the Fall Carnival Trunk or Treat activity.  LifeGroups, Individuals, and even Sunday School Classes are encouraged to participate.

Heart Disease & Stroke Awareness Class

Click the image below to reserve your space at the workshop.

Youth Basketball Registration

Registration for the Youth Basketball program is now open. Click the image below to register your child.

Back to School for Adults

Registration is now open for Back to School for Adults. Grow in learning through Roddy E. Collins School of Ministry, Monday Masterlife, and the Fall series of Money Matters. Click the links below to sign up.

Roddy E. Collins and Monday Masterlife Sign Up Form

Money Matters Sign Up Form

Care Center Volunteers

The Care Center at Saint Mark will offer free to low cost services to the public beginning in February. The first phase includes health services and employment assistance. Volunteers are needed to assist with check-in and traffic control. The hours of operation will be Monday – Thursday, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

CLICK HERE to Sign up to volunteer with the Care Center.



General Counseling Form Premarital Counseling Form Marriage Counseling Form

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Impact Report


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