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Let's Grow Together!

Welcome, Kingdom Kidz Families!

We are so excited you have decided to join us for our Bible-based, action-packed, super-fun activities for this month!  As a church, we believe in GROWING together – and that means everyone!  We start each week with a Sunday Lesson, and have a different activity each day of the week to reinforce that lesson.  Join us in memorizing scripture, teaching videos and discussions, and social media challenges.  Simply click on the tab for the day above and Learn, Grow, and Have Fun!  

Also, be sure to sign up for our grade-level Small Groups.  We will meet via Zoom each weekend of the 4th Sunday.  Just text the keyword "SMGROUP" to 501-299-9009 and follow instructions to sign up.  When you sign up, you will receive an activity box prior to your meeting that you will open and explore together during your meeting.  

And just for our pre-K kiddos, we have included a lesson PDF for parents to download and follow as you help your child grow each week.

Social distancing may be hard (because we miss you so much) but we can still GROW together as Kingdom Kidz!

-Pastor Mona

Weekly At-Home Lessons


Watch the Sunday lesson as a Family.


This month's verse: Psalm 8:1

"O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens."

  • JAN. 4- Write It Out: Write each word of the memory verse on a separate index card. Study the verse so you're ready for next Monday's activity.

  • JAN. 11- Parent Challenge: Alternate saying each word of the verse with a parent until you get to the end. Repeat. Try to do it faster each time.

  • JAN. 18- Mix It Up: Mix your cards and try to put the verse in the correct order.

  • JAN. 25- Word Grab: Write out each word on an index card. Place the cards in different places around the house. Try to collect them all and put them in the right order.

  • FEB. 1- Move It: Create a movement to coordinate with at least 6 words in the memory verses.


    Discussion Questions:

      JAN. 5:
    • We’re learning that God is real. Ask: • How do you know God is real? Let’s watch a video that will test how well you can tell what’s real and what’s not! Let’s play Fact or Fiction?
    • Ask: • Which things sounded really real…but they were fiction? • How can you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s made up?
    • We may not always be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to silly animal facts, but we can always know God is real. God showed up for Moses in a very real way, and he’s real today, too!
      JAN. 12:
    • We’re learning that God is the Creator. Ask: • What’s your favorite thing God created? Those are all amazing things God made! Let’s watch a video with a lot of things God created…maybe you’ll see your favorite thing!
    • Ask: • Which part of creation in the video was most amazing to see? • What can the big parts of creation show you about God? What about the small things? Big and small, God made it all! From the tallest mountain to the tiniest microorganism, God is the Creator of our universe…including you!
      JAN. 19:
    • We’re learning that God is faithful. God showed his faithfulness to Abraham, and we’re about to see how rock-solid God’s promise was.
    • Wow! That video rocked! Get it? Ask: • What are some ways you saw God’s faithfulness to Abraham? • Describe how you know God is faithful to you, too.
    • God is faithful. That means he’ll always keep his promises, and he’ll always be who he says he is. We can trust him! Just as he kept his promise to Abraham, he’ll keep his promises to us.
      JAN. 26:
    • We’re learning that God is kind. One way we often see God’s kindness is through people he puts in our lives. Ask: • Tell about a person you know who has shown you God’s kindness. Share your own example first. Let’s see how a group of teenagers got to see God’s kindness in action—and be a part of showing God’s kindness to others.
    • Ask: • What were some of the kind things you noticed in this video? • Why do you think God often shows his kindness through people? God is kind. In our Bible story, God showed his kindness to Hagar by sending an angel to comfort her and provide for her. Sometimes God shows his kindness by asking people to do things like that for each other! Just think, you could be a part of someone experiencing God’s kindness!
      FEB. 2:
    • We’re learning that God is holy. God is so holy that he needed a special home on earth so he could be among his people in the Old Testament. It was called the Tabernacle! We’ve seen a map of the Tabernacle, but it might be hard to picture. So let’s take a tour!
    • Ask: • Which part of the Tabernacle is your favorite? Why? • What do you think makes the Tabernacle so special? God is holy. But he still wants to be our friend, so in Bible times he had a special place to meet with his people. Now, God lives in us through his Holy Spirit!


    JAN. 6: Wear glasses, binoculars, or magnifying glass as we search for Who God Is.

    JAN. 13: Wear something you created.

    JAN. 20: Wear something with a star on it to remember God’s promise to Abraham.

    JAN. 27: Wear your most comfortable PJs or Sweat Suit.

    FEB. 3: Wear perfume or cologne to remember that our worship is like creating a really nice smell for God.


    JAN. 7: Praise God for who He is.

    JAN. 14: Thank God for being Creator and ask Him to increase your creativity.

    JAN. 21: Thank God for being a Promise-Keeper.

    JAN. 28: Thank God for being kind and a comforter.

    FEB. 4: Praise God for His holiness.


    JAN. 22: Estimate the Time

    Say: Today we’re talking about how God is faithful. Let’s play a game of Tick-Tock to see what we can learn about being faithful.
    Ask kids to spread out around the room, sit, and keep their eyes closed so they can’t see a watch or clock.
    Explain that you’ll announce a specified amount of time. When kids think that amount of time has elapsed, they’ll loudly buzz like an obnoxious alarm clock and wave their hands in the air. Whoever buzzes closest to the actual time wins.
    Play several rounds, calling out 8 seconds, 41 seconds (which feels like forever), 23 seconds, and so on.
    As you keep an eye on the time, also keep talking about numbers. Example: “Do you think 7 is better than 14? Or 8, 9, 6, 5, 4... Thirteen thinks she’s so smart—9, 10, 21, 23—and did I say 8 or 11? Eleven is a nice number...”
    If you’d like, play music during the game.

    Talk About It
                Ask: • Tell about a time an alarm clock—or person who was supposed to wake you up—didn’t come through and you were late. What happened? Share your own example first.
                • If alarm clocks are supposed to buzz exactly when you want them to buzz, what grade would you give yourself as an alarm clock? Why that grade?
                • If you had an alarm clock that never worked accurately, what would you do with it?
                • If God were an alarm clock, how reliable would he be? Explain your answer.
                Say: An alarm clock that doesn’t keep time faithfully isn’t much help—you can’t trust that it will get you up on time.
                But God is no broken alarm clock. God is a faithful friend who keeps his promises, no matter what. Who sticks with you, no matter what! God is faithful!


    Family Time – Social Media Challenge

    JAN. 2 - Family New Year Resolution
    New Year, New Beginnings- Gather the family together and talk about family goals for 2021. Then display those goals in a cool way around the house. #SaintMarkYM

    JAN. 9 - Bake Together
    Open us the cookbooks or Pinterest and whip up a batch of cookies, brownies or cupcakes. Make a few extra batches and bring them to your neighbors. #SaintMarkYM

    JAN. 16 - Read a winter book together
    Go to the library and find a good winter themed book to read together! (Don't forget your face mask!) Then hop on the couch and get cozy as you read together!  #SaintMarkYM

    JAN. 23 - Make a Bird Feeder
    Feed the birds and recycle by using some leftover toilet paper rolls. Punch two holes in the top of the toilet paper roll and tie some scrap yarn through each hole. This will be what it hangs from, so make sure the string is long enough to go around the branch. If you don't have any of the above items then skip that step and find a bare tree limb to place it. Next, have the kids slather peanut butter (as long as allergies aren't an issue!) on the toilet paper roll and roll it in bird seed. The seed sticks to the peanut butter. Birds love to eat it, kids love to make it.  #SaintMarkYM

    JAN. 30 - Have a Family Pajama Day
    Have the whole family wear their PJs all day! Use this opportunity to watch movie marathons, teach your kids how to play spades, work on a puzzle or bake in the kitchen! Make sure to have plenty of snacks!  #SaintMarkYM