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Let's Grow Together!

Welcome, Kingdom Kidz Families!

We are so excited you have decided to join us for our Bible-based, action-packed, super-fun activities for this month!  As a church, we believe in GROWING together – and that means everyone!  We start each week with a Sunday Lesson, and have a different activity each day of the week to reinforce that lesson.  Join us in memorizing scripture, teaching videos and discussions, and social media challenges.  Simply click on the tab for the day above and Learn, Grow, and Have Fun!  

Also, be sure to sign up for our grade-level Small Groups.  We will meet via Zoom each weekend of the 4th Sunday.  Just text the keyword "SMGROUP" to 501-299-9009 and follow instructions to sign up.  When you sign up, you will receive an activity box prior to your meeting that you will open and explore together during your meeting.  

And just for our pre-K kiddos, we have included a lesson PDF for parents to download and follow as you help your child grow each week.

Social distancing may be hard (because we miss you so much) but we can still GROW together as Kingdom Kidz!

-Pastor Mona

Weekly At-Home Lessons


Watch the Sunday lesson as a Family.


This month's verse: Matthew 22:37-39

37 Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’"

  • OCT 4- Parent Challenge: Alternate saying each word of the verse with a parent until you get to the end. Repeat. Try to do it faster each time.

  • OCT 11- Move It!: Create a movement to coordinate with at least 6 words in the memory verses.

  • OCT 18- Word Grab: Write out each word on an index card. Place the cards in different places around the house. Try to collect them all and put them in the right order.

  • OCT 25- Say It!: By now, you should be able to recite the entire memory verse! Congratulations! You are hiding God's Word in your heart!


    Discussion Questions:

      OCT 6:Discuss and Watch “Viewpoints.” God says that we obey our parents. But that can be hard to do! Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye with our parents. Let’s hear a few different viewpoints.
    • Tell about a time you disagreed with what a parent asked you to do. Share your own childhood story first.
    • How did this video help you understand things from your parents’ point of view?
    • How would it help you to think about things from your parents’ point of view the next time you disagree?
    • We obey our parents. Sometimes we don’t want to, but we trust that they’re trying to do what’s best for us and help us grow into people who love and follow God. When we think about it from that point of view, it makes it a little easier to follow God’s Commandment.

      OCT 13:Discuss and Watch “Snooty Fruities.” Today’s commandment from God is we don’t hurt others.
    • Tell about a time you were bullied or teased. Share your own story first.
    • It’s no fun when others hurt us! When we keep that in mind, we can make sure we aren’t the ones hurting someone else. Let’s look at how bullying can really hurt.

    • What emotions did you see Broccoli having in this video?
    • What was the most hurtful thing to happen to Broccoli?
    • What difference did it make when the fruit basket was nice to Broccoli instead of bullying Broccoli?
    • Bullying can hurt emotionally and physically, just as it did for Broccoli. On the other hand, being kind to others can make people feel really good! That’s why God wants us to make sure we don’t hurt others.

      OCT 20:Discuss and Watch “Noah’s Story.” We’re learning that we don’t steal. But sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really stealing.
    • If you find money on the ground, should you take it? Explain.
    • Let’s see a story where that happened and two friends had to decide what to do.

    • What did you think about Noah’s choices in this story? What about Jared’s?
    • How would it have hurt someone if Jared had kept the money?
    • We don’t steal. Even though Jared wanted the money, keeping it meant a kindergartener couldn’t afford a book at the book fair. Taking from other people is selfish. Instead, we can give generously.

      OCT 27:Discuss and Watch “The Mini Masters.” We’re learning that we don’t lie. Sometimes lying can be pretty easy. Maybe you think you could get away with lying and no one would know. That’s what happens in our video today.
    • Tell about a time you were tempted to lie because you didn’t think anyone would notice. What did you do? Share your own story first.
    • What are reasons people sometimes want to lie?
    • What could being truthful cost us? Why is it worth the cost?
    • Dylan wanted to move the ball and lie about it so he could win the Mini Masters Tournament. In the end, he decided to be honest even though it meant losing the tournament. That was a big cost to him, but the consequences of lying to win would have been worse for him. He would’ve felt guilty about it for a long time, and he might even have been caught and gotten in trouble. Telling the truth is always the best way, so we don’t lie.


    OCT 7: Honor your Parents-wear their favorite color, alma mater, sorority/fraternity, job.

    OCT 14: Do not murder- Wear a white shirt to honor “lifesavers” (doctors, nurses).

    OCT 21: Do not steal- Wear perfume/cologne to remind us of Mary’s generosity (instead of greed).

    OCT 28: Do not lie- Wear a shirt with lips or mouth on it. It can be a character with its mouth open.


    OCT 8: Tell God about the most valuable thing you own.

    OCT 15: Tell God about something you like about your life.

    OCT 22: Tell God about your dream birthday party.

    OCT 29: Pray for all the medical workers who risk their health to care for others.


    OCT 9: Honor your Father and Mother:  

    • Supplies:  20 index cards, pen or marker
    • Think of 10 things that your parents ALWAYS tell/remind you to do.
    • Write each of those things on 2 different cards.
    • Flip the cards over.
    • Play "Memory" and try to match 2 cards by flipping 2 for each person's turn.

    OCT 16: Murder

    • Supplies:  bath towel, hand towel, face towel
    • Have everyone in the family stand on the bath towel.
    • Now try it with the hand towel.
    • Lastly, try to get everyone on the Face towel!  That's pretty difficult!!
    • Ask:  How does it feel when we don't fit in or get left out?  How can we make sure that our peers don't feel that way?
    • Reminder:  "We don't hurt others."

    OCT 23: Stealing (Craft)
    8-ounce water bottles (1 per child)
    duct tape in fun colors and patterns
    permanent markers

    Make a sample craft to show kids.

    For each preschooler, pre-cut a water bottle, and cover the cut edges with duct tape. Also add a hinge to each preschooler’s water bottle.

    Make Offering Bottles
                Show kids the sample craft you made. Say: In our Bible story, Judas was a thief. But the woman in the story gave Jesus a generous gift by pouring perfume on his feet. We’re going to use bottles that can remind us of a perfume bottle to make offering containers. We’ll use these to collect money to give, rather than trying to get more for ourselves.
                Give each child a water bottle. Set out the remaining supplies to share, and have kids follow these directions to make offering bottles.
    Cut off the top part of the water bottle, just where it starts to get narrower. (This is already done for preschoolers.)

    Cover the top and the bottom parts of the bottle with decorative duct tape. (With help tearing the tape, preschoolers can add additional tape to what you started.)

    Make a hinge with duct tape to attach the top and bottom so you can flip the top up. (This is already done for preschoolers.)

    Use permanent markers to add more decorations. (Preschoolers should use stickers instead of markers.)

    Talk About It

                    • How do you feel when you’re trying to get more money or stuff for yourself?
                • How do you feel when you’re saving money to give?
                • Compare those two feelings. Which feels better?
                • What are some ways you could earn money to give away?

    We don’t steal. Judas didn’t understand that. He was just focused on getting more and more for himself. When we’re focused on getting, that can lead to stealing. But Mary was focused on giving as she poured out her perfume on Jesus. With our new offering bottles, we can focus on giving, too!

    Have kids use their offering bottles to save up money for offering.

      OCT 30: Lying

    • Supplies: index cards, pen
    • Parents, this game is similar to 2 Truths and a Lie.
    • Parents will write 10 separate statements on 10 separate cards.
    • Some of these statements should be true and some of them false. Keep it simple like "my favorite color is blue" or "I ate pancakes for breakfast".
    • The kids have to decide after each statement whether it is true or not.
    • The kids may even want a turn to write their own statements.
    • Ask:  What was it like to intentionally lie in this game?  How did this game help us to get to know each other better?  
    • Say:  Truthfulness brings people closer together.  Because we played this game, we know a little more about each other.  We know some new things about each other from the truths we shared.  The lies, on the other hand, weren't really helpful at all.  
    • Ask:  Tell me about a time someone lied to you?  How did it affect your friendship?
    • Say:  In our bible stories, Jesus' followers were sharing and living in community with each other; there was no place for lies in those friendships.  We don't lie.  Instead, God helps us live truthful lives that brings us closer together.


    Family Time – Social Media Challenge


    • Pick from EITHER of the challenges below.
    • Capture a photo and /or video (30-60 sec) completing the challenge.
    • Upload your challenge(s) on Facebook or Instagram and tag @SaintMarkYM
    • Have fun. Be creative. Don’t do this alone!  

    LET’S GO!!! 

    OCT 10:
    1. Parents and children share 5 things that they love most about their parents.
    2. Play a board game.

    OCT 17:
    1. Go on a Family hike, walk or bike ride. 2. Take a video as you all dance to one of this weeks KingdomKidz favorite worship songs.

    OCT 24:
    1. Have a backyard picnic.
    2. Read a book together.

    OCT 31:
    1. Have a Family Discussion about the definition and consequences of “LIES.”
    2. Cook/Bake the favorite dish of the person who’s age range is the median.