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Let's Grow Together!

Welcome, Kingdom Kidz Families!

We are so excited you have decided to join us for our Bible-based, action-packed, super-fun activities for this month!  As a church, we believe in GROWING together – and that means everyone!  We start each week with a Sunday Lesson, and have a different activity each day of the week to reinforce that lesson.  Join us in memorizing scripture, teaching videos and discussions, and social media challenges.  Simply click on the tab for the day above and Learn, Grow, and Have Fun!  

Also, be sure to sign up for our grade-level Small Groups.  We will meet via Zoom each weekend of the 4th Sunday.  Just text the keyword "SMGROUP" to 501-299-9009 and follow instructions to sign up.  When you sign up, you will receive an activity box prior to your meeting that you will open and explore together during your meeting.  

And just for our pre-K kiddos, we have included a lesson PDF for parents to download and follow as you help your child grow each week.

Social distancing may be hard (because we miss you so much) but we can still GROW together as Kingdom Kidz!

-Pastor Mona

Weekly At-Home Lessons


Watch the Sunday lesson as a Family.


This month's verse: Luke 12:7

"And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows."

  • MAY 3- Write out each word of the verse on separate index cards. Say the verse out loud as you write.

  • MAY 10- Use the cards you made last week. Scramble them and try to put them in the correct order..

  • MAY 17- Use the cards you made. Have an adult hide them around the house. Find the cards and put them in the correct order.


    Discussion Questions:

      MAY 4

      Talkabout Tuesday - Week 1

      Discuss and Watch “What’s the Purpose?”

      Say: We’re learning that we each have a purpose. But what if you’re not sure what your purpose is?

      Well, let’s play “What’s the Purpose?” and get some practice figuring out the purpose of some strange items.

      Watch “What’s the Purpose?”

      Ask: • Which items stumped you the most?

      • What surprised you about some of the tools’ purposes?

      • What’s one thing you’d be surprised to discover is your purpose?

      Say: Esther spent most of her life just being a normal person. I bet she was surprised to find out her purpose was to be queen and save a bunch of lives! God can do anything through you, because we each have a purpose.

      MAY 11

      Talkabout It Tuesday - Week 2

      Discuss and Watch “Forgiven and Whole”

      Say: We’re learning that we are forgiven.

      Ask: • What are some things kids your age might do that need forgiveness?

      Say: Let’s hear what can happen when we do things like that.

      Watch “Forgiven and Whole.”

      Ask: • How did you feel when you watched this video?

      • Why is it important to know that you’re forgiven?

      Say: God wants us to follow his perfect way. But even though we mess up, we are forgiven. We’re not defined by the wrong things we’ve done, and every day is a new start.

      MAY 18

      Discuss and Watch “What’s Your Favorite?”

      Say: We’re learning that we are known by God.

      Ask: • Who’s someone you know really well?

      Say: Well, this game will test your knowledge of the person you know best—you! Are you ready to play? Stand up and get ready to run!

      Watch “What’s Your Favorite?”

      Ask: • How did you know the answers to all these questions?

      • How do you think God knows the answers to all these questions—for every single person?

      • What’s special about being known by God?

      Say: God knows what we’re thinking and where we’re going. He knows our favorites, too! We are known by God.


    MAY 5 Wear something with a crown on it or purple for royalty.

    MAY 12 Wear a white shirt or something with bubbles to demonstrate being washed clean.

    MAY 19 Crazy Hair Day...because God knows every hair on your head.

    MAY 26 Wear something with 12 items on it or wear 12 items (total) in your outfit to represent the disciples.

    JUNE 2 Wear red to represent the love of the Father.


    MAY 6 Thank God for creating you with purpose.

    MAY 13 Thank God for washing us clean and making us new.

    MAY 20 Thank God for creating us and for knowing everything about us.

    MAY 27 Thank God for leading us.

    JUNE 3 Thank God for knowing us and loving us.